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My name is Alicia ~ I'm a Women's Yoga Teacher, Sacred Space Holder, Postpartum Doula, and the Founder of Samvida. I'm a lover of slow living, honouring the seasons, creating warm inviting spaces, and living true to myself. I adore deep connection with women of all ages & walks of life, I'm spiritual, I wear my heart on my sleeve, and I'm very maternal. I love to cook and create in the kitchen, I enjoy reading a good romance novel, and curling up on the couch with a cup of tea and a cat (or two) on my lap. I consider myself quite the old soul, and I'm deeply in tune with my intuition. It's taken me a few detours with my 'career' to arrive here, but now I'm on a path that lights me up. I truly believe nothing is by accident, and each step was necessary for the growth and evolution required to get to where I am today.


My nature is to nurture and care for others; I love holding space for women in the many sacred & intimate seasons of life. Ensuring women are inspired, empowered, held & seen is something I value greatly. This shines through in the core intentions and offerings of Samvida. Furthermore, this blends into my work as a doula, mothering the mother so she can mother her baby (see Doula Support for more info).

I completed my 200HR Yoga Teacher Training in 2019, and have since undertaken further studies to evolve my teachings, Samvida & myself. I'm certified in yin, prenatal & postnatal, vinyasa, and hatha yoga, & meditation. The slower, gentle styles of yoga have my heart, and I focus my individual teaching style around connecting with the breath, mind, body & soul. I'm also a certified birth and postpartum doula, however am currently only practicing in the postpartum space.



Samvida is inspired by a world where women know their true divinity. Where sisterhood is strong and ever-present. Where society values researching and preparing for the many rites of passage throughout womanhood. Where additional support for women after birth is the standard. Where yoga & meditation aren't left of centre. Where women's experiences matter, and investing in oneself is simply a part of life. This is why Samvida exists.



Why Samvida? When naming the entity of Samvida, I really wanted something that captured the essence of what I wished to offer. Sanskrit is an ancient language belonging to the Indo-Aryan group, and is the original language of yoga. There is something so beautiful about the Sanskrit names for each asana, or yoga pose, and a certain vibration that carries through this language, unique in comparison to English. I researched into many ideas and names inspired by Sanskrit and came to rest on the name Samvida. There are a few translations of meaning, yet the ones that spoke to me were ‘having consciousness’ and ‘promise or agreement’. Consciousness is an individual’s awareness or perception of something. What a wonderful way to enhance one’s experience, by welcoming a more conscious presence. The ‘promise and agreement’ communicates my commitment to support and nurture women on whichever journey they find themselves. There are very intimate and vulnerable seasons in women's lives, and I intend to always approach my work with a gentle nature. 

Alicia xx

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