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The doula difference ~
The postpartum season holds some of the most sensitive, vulnerable and expansive weeks/months you will have in your lifetime. The weeks after your birth can make a huge impact on the way you show up as a mum and a woman for years, if not decades to come. If there's ever a time to invest in additional support, this is it. I am here to make sure you are cared for, prepared, nurtured, held, well fed, and that you feel supported throughout your postpartum journey, in knowing you have me to reach out to. 

My care for each family will differ from one to another, as it is largely dependent on what you need. My personal focus as a doula is spiritual and holistic as this is where my knowledge, strengths and values lie. This means I focus my visits with you around rituals, sacred practices, and creating special moments in your home that feel calming and wholesome. And don't forget the nourishing food!

If you put on around 500kg I'd say you were worth your weight in gold. Thank you so freaking much for today you seriously have no idea how much it meant!

I can never thank you enough... Know that you truly made such a profoundly beautiful impact on our lives. Forever grateful xx

I feel like I've really connected with you over our visits, and a big part of that is your very loving nature - something every mama needs as she loves on her new little creation.

Alicia! There are no words to express how meaningful it was to welcome you into our lives during this super special season. Your warm and calming energy has been everything I've needed as I navigate the messiness of motherhood.

Nourish & Nurture

Postpartum ~

The immediate postpartum season is typically considered to be the first 40 days, or 6 weeks after birth. This is a time for healing, rest, and bonding with your new baby. So much changes in this period; it’s full of intense highs and lows, transformation, adjustment, sleep deprivation and a significant drop in hormones, leaving you very vulnerable and in need of love and support. 

As written by Heng Ou in ‘The First Forty Days’ book, “…the new mother [is] as vulnerable as her newborn, requiring her own steady stream of attention and care”. It’s such an important season to feel supported and held, and investing in your postpartum is something you will forever be grateful you did.

My doula basket ~

Each visit, I’ll bring my basket of goodies, including food cooked either by me or a postpartum meal service, my foot bath, books you can borrow, my Bluetooth speaker, essential oils, baby carrier, Ayurvedic massage oil for your hands, feet or womb, intuition card deck, sage to cleanse unwanted energy, and my apron if there’s anything I’m able to create in your kitchen with ingredients you already have, getting dinner going for the evening. I also bring my listening ears, and will be there to hold space for all the ups and downs of new/renewed motherhood. 

Package guide ~

At this current point in time, I’m solely offering this one package, as it feels hot on my heart right now. It sits as a happy medium that doesn't break the bank, but also ensures you can be well nourished & nurtured over the course of your postpartum. If you’re seeking a different level of support, please do still reach out and we can discuss it further. 

The 4 visits are best redeemed within this initial postpartum period of 40-42 days/6 weeks, to ensure you are nourished & nurtured in this critical season. In saying that, the flexibility of an additional 2 weeks is given, totalling 8 weeks from the birth of your baby to enjoy your visits, as we all know life happens. 

Investment & Inclusions:
  • Investment $1600 (20% non-refundable deposit to secure booking, with 4, 6, 8, 10 & 12 week payment plans available for remainder)
  • 4 x In-home visits (3hrs each)
  • Meal package w/ each visit (includes meals & snacks to fill your fridge and nourish your belly)
  • Phone support (email and text) from date of booking for duration of our time together
  • Borrowing library (access to my birth & postpartum book collection)
  • Mama gift box (a gift to honour You in this season)
Meals & Snacks on Regular Rotation
Many of the recipes I use are from my favourite cookbooks and fellow doulas, but I also love to create my own recipes with the knowledge I've gathered and my previous experience cooking in a kitchen!
  • Creamy chicken casserole
  • Pumpkin, carrot and ginger soup
  • Lentil dahl
  • Beef & chicken slow cooked curries
  • Golden daal
  • Almond and orange cake
  • Brown rice slice
  • Bliss balls
  • Blueberry and carrot breakfast cake
  • Bolognese pasta bake
  • Digestive spiced compote
  • Zucchini and banana bread
  • Hormone-loving broccoli soup
  • Overnight oats and homemade granola
  • Sweet potato, black bean and quinoa chilli
  • Peanut butter and cacao cookies
  • Dessert medjool dates
  • Veggie muffins
2024 Availability
Bookings are open for the following months:

April, May, June, July, August, September

Birth is unpredictable, hence the month/s you redeem your postpartum visits cannot be exactly predicted. What I suggest is that you let me know the dates of your 38-42 week window, as a rough guide for when your baby may arrive.
As mentioned above, the 4 visits are best redeemed within the initial postpartum period of 40-42 days/6 weeks, to ensure you are nourished & nurtured in this critical season. In saying that, the flexibility of an additional 2 weeks is given, totalling 8 weeks from the actual birth of your baby to enjoy your visits, as we all know life happens! 

Let's Get to Know Each Other

Use the button above to redirect to a full page of additional info! Get a better understanding of me as a doula, and my doula values that I bring to my care.

I'm ready to support & nurture you mama, so now it's your turn to put You first. Let's make this the most wonderful, special season that you will look back on fondly for the rest of your life. Honouring yourself in postpartum and investing in the newborn days can result in the best transition for you into motherhood ~ which is forever. So let's start the journey off with some magic ✨


Please fill out the contact form below and we can find a time to catch up over a cuppa or meet via videochat, with no obligation. This will give you the chance to ask questions & see if I'm the right doula for you, and we can get to know each other a little! This is a very intimate season in your life, and I want to make sure I'm the right person to support you on the journey.

~ Servicing suburbs within a 45 minute drive of Langwarrin, VIC ~

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