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Welcome to the world of blessingways, also known as mother blessings. This type of ceremony is a beautiful celebration where the mother-to-be gets showered in love, encouraging support & well wishes for her upcoming birth by the special women in her life.

As a doula, yoga teacher and sacred space holder, mother blessing ceremonies feel to me like the most natural honouring of this rite of passage. If you're looking for something more meaningful than a baby shower & games, this is for you. A blessingway is very similar to that of a women's circle, yet the focus is on the new mama. I weave in mindfulness, intention-setting, ritual, sacred space holding, and opportunities for connection.

A blessingway can look different for each mother, dependent on what suits her. Most of all, I ensure that the mama-to-be feels loved, honoured & supported.

If you love the idea of a personalised ceremony for yourself or a loved one, please get in touch. I also offer bridal blessings xx


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The ceremony

Some of the elements we can include in your blessingway ceremony;


A nice ritual to incorporate before the ceremony is a sage cleansing of all the women, so no one brings their own fears into the sacred space.

Intention Setting
Beginning with an intention for the ceremony sets the tone for the hours ahead, and lets everyone know why they are gathered on this occasion.

Some options for connection between the women are a candle lighting ritual, the red thread bracelets, or painting mama's belly to name a few.

Each woman can write a small letter before the ceremony or choose a poem to share in circle with everyone. It may be words of wisdom, encouragement or well wishes for the mama's birth and postpartum season. During the blessingway, the women can also write birth affirmations on card paper for the mama.

Pampering/Honouring the Mother
Perhaps a foot soak with dried flowers, giving gifts, a massage or nurturing touch ~ it's up to you what you envision for this special ceremony.

Additional Notes:
If there is anything else you have your heart set on, please just say the word and I'll see what I can do! This is just a guide, and I plan a personalised ceremony for each mama xx

The details


Please note that this offering is for those within an hour drive of Langwarrin, Victoria, and bookings are dependent on my availability.


The blessingway will be around 2-3 hours long.

What I supply:

  • candles

  • flowers

  • crystals and other small decor

  • red thread

  • note paper

  • paint (additional $25)

  • foot soak bowl w/ salts & rose petals

  • sage for cleansing


The circle will be held at your residence of choice - the location must be supplied by you.


I recommend you supply a beautiful, nourishing spread of food for everyone to enjoy. Depending on the time of day, this could be nibbles, cake & tea, lunch, or get each guest to bring something to share.

Who to invite:

The Mama, her mother, grandmothers, aunties, sisters, cousins, friends ~ you can keep it as intimate as you like, or go for a large gathering of women ~ just keep in mind how much space you have for everyone to sit in a circle.


Typically mother blessings are held with other women present, yet if the partner wishes to be involved or you're looking for an all-inclusive ceremony, we can arrange that as well.


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