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Pregnancy & Beyond ~ Meditation Package


This package is here to welcome more consciousness and support you to realise your true capabilities in your pregnancy, labour & birth, and beyond. Meditation holds so much potential for us to create new thinking patterns, uncover our inner shadows, and work through any limiting beliefs and fears. Learning to drop into a meditative state is also incredibly beneficial for labour & birth, and even the postpartum period. Divided into two sections, there are short meditations that you can practice daily, and longer meditations for when you want to block out some time for self love and growth, rather than watching the tv or scrolling your phone. Includes - 8 short meditations (under 15 mins): ~ A Happy Place ~ Daily Pregnancy Meditation ~ 15 min Yoga Nidra ~ Anxiety ~ Stress ~ Sleep ~ Balance ~ Gratitude 4 long meditations (30-90 mins): ~ Metta Meditation ~ Colour Meditation ~ Mantra Meditation ~ Yoga Nidra Meditation *Disclaimer: Please take precautions and consult your healthcare provider/s before deciding if something is right for you. It is solely your responsibility to practice at your own discretion.

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