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Movement In Pregnancy & Postpartum

Movement! Something that I believe can be very overlooked and underestimated. I've incorporated yoga practices in all of my Embracing Motherhood Packages as my philosophy values movement as an essential part of the journey! I have six core pillars of care in my doula packages, and thought it may be beneficial to dive a little deeper into each one. Here are a few notes about movement is pregnancy and post-birth.


💛 Light exercise and movement in pregnancy such as yoga, pilates, walking and active seated positions (i.e. not slouching back on the couch every night) can be greatly beneficial for maternal and baby health.

💛 You can maintain a healthy weight, reduce stress and discomfort, and prepare your body for childbirth.

💛 I’m really passionate about sharing the benefits of yoga for mental and emotional well-being. In pregnancy and postpartum women experience huge transformation, & changes in hormones and

roles/responsibilities, making the need for pausing and tuning in so much more important.

💛 Birth is a marathon and to run a marathon we train and prepare! There are wonderful yoga practices that can help to build endurance and develop breath awareness & techniques for labour and birth! (I have recorded practices available to purchase!)

💛 It’s not just about you anymore! Your baby is connected to you in the most intimate way ~ you are the

ir life force. Prioritising your physical health is also prioritising your baby’s health.

💛 Gentle yoga is amazing post-birth once your body is ready. The first 6-12 weeks should be spent resting and there’s no need to rush back into things. Yet when you feel the pull to begin physical movement again, yoga can be a helpful tool to support you in this season.


I hope this gives you a glimpse into how movement could enhance your experience of pregnancy, birth and beyond. I'm always here for a chat, so please reach out if you have any questions!

Love & Light,

Alicia xx

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