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Warmth in Postpartum

In my postpartum doula visits, I ensure that warmth is at the forefront of my care. My Embracing Motherhood packages all revolve around 6 pillars of care that I consider to be essential in the seasons of pregnancy through postpartum. Warmth is one of them, and should be ever-present in your postpartum days ~ this is highly due to the Vata imbalance that women experience after birth (when the air constitution in the body is high). Here are some ways that you can weave warmth into your rituals and daily choices!


🌞 Ensure the food you consume is warm ~ this is essential in your early days after birth. This can be carried through in temperature and also warming spices such as ginger and cinnamon. Cold foods such as salad and cold smoothies can aggravate the imbalance further.

🌞 Warm massage oil on your skin after birth is so restorative. Warm oil can support your nourishment back to balance as it gives heat to your muscles and tissues, and offers grounding qualities.

🌞 Stay warm with blankets over your recovering body, and use heat packs, socks, and cosy layers of clothing. The Vata imbalance can be exacerbated by cold temperature.

🌞 Having your baby on your chest, especially skin to skin, is an incredibly beautiful way to invite warmth into your days.

🌞 Having a warm shower, herbal bath or sits bath is amazing in postpartum.

🌞 Less obviously but also so important, is the nature of the people that surround you. Some people naturally spread warm energies and if you choose to welcome others into your baby bubble, ask yourself if their energies are supportive of your healing after birth.


I hope this becomes a principle that influences your decision-making in postpartum. It's such a simple question to ask yourself, when deciding what you might need for your healing journey.

Love & Light,

Alicia 🧡

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