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I know there's an overwhelming amount of information out there; books, google, social media, movies, and anything in between! It can be quite a task to wrap your head around it all, and sometimes this means we give up researching and put it in the 'too hard' basket! So I wanted to summarise some really helpful information into clear, succinct & visually pleasing PDFs to make it really simple for you to absorb and implement the info and practices!


This resource has been created to support you in being mindful, informed and empowered through your pregnancy, birth and postpartum!


What's Included:

~ Acupressure points for pregnancy and birth

~ Pranayama for pregnancy & labour

~ Chanting & mantras

~ Positions for labour & birth

~ Foods for increased milk supply

~ Postpartum diet (nourishing foods and foods to avoid)


This purchase is a downloadable file received in the format of PDF. Please respect copyright and ownership. Written and created by Alicia Papettas.

PDFs ~ Pregnancy, Birth & Postpartum


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